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ANAU Scientific Library Awarded with “Voske Hask”


At the end of the year ANAU Scientific Library was recognized as the best structural division and was awarded with “Voske Hask” during the 10th jubilee ceremony.

This, indeed is something to be proud of, as Library with its three equipped computer rooms and other departments implements a huge amount of work providing the students and staff with all necessary professional and other literature.

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Librarian Day

images-stories-norutunner-Library-Books1-180x98It is already the 8th year the 7th of October is celebrated as the Librarian day. On this day, all the libraries of Armenian are open till late. The meaning of this day is to value the importance of book for the society. Today, Armenian National Agrarian University is celebrating the Librarian day. 

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Samvel Avetisyan - Coauthor of a Monograph Published in Rome



A monograph “Land Resources and Food Security in Central Asia and Southern Caucasus» was published in Rome by UN Food and Agriculture Organization.  Author of the 2nd (Features of the Usage of Agricultural Land Resources in the Post-Soviet Area) and the 7th (Armenia’s Food Security and Usage of Farm Lands) chapters of this book is ANAU professor, doctor of economics Samvel Avetisyan. 


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Book Donatiom


Doctor of Sciences, Professor A.H.Bayadyan has donated books to the Scientific Library for many times.

Professor A.H.Bayadyan, the author of numerous articles, monographs, manuals and dictionaries, again donated one of his works “The Financial Resources Formation, Usage and Improvement Ways in the RA Agrarian Sector” published in 2016. Book is a nice gift for students. It is for professionals of scientific institutions and specialists of agrarian sector.



Five copies of the first volume of manual “Physical chemistry course” were devoted to the Agrarian universities library, written by N.M.Beyleryan. The manuals were devoted by the head of the General Chemistry chair Oleg A. Qamalyan.

The manual is the first textbook written in the native language. The tasks are placed in their solutions. The material is presented in a way, which satisfies the undergraduates, masters and PHD students.

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