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We exist with Tumanyan 

Book giving day at ANAU


The beautiful tradition of book giving gathered readers of ANAU in the University Hall to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Hovhannes Tumanyan and to value the book's role. During the event, organized with ANAU Scientific Library and Students Council’s efforts, Tumanyan’s poems were performed. It was the proof that Tumanyan is always with us and inside us.

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February, 20, book donation day


The 19th of February, the birthday of great Armenian poet Hovhannes Tumanyan, by the initiative Union of Writers of Armenia and by the Government decision is celebrated as the book day.

On February 19, at 12:30, we all invite ANAU Library and Student Council to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Hovhannes Tumanyan's birthday and the book donation.

You can not only donate the library, but also get a gift from your professional and fiction books.

New literature for farmers


Dear staff and students, We are pleased to present you a list of newly received literature in  Library  ANAU on biological peculiarities of cultivated crops, cultivation technologies, diseases, agricultural irrigation, as well as agricultural animal diseases and their electronic versions.

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Electronic library system


Dear readers, ANAU Scientific Library offers to use the "CONSULTANT STUDENT" electronic library system. It contains Russian-language scientific and educational literature. For more information, please contact the Scientific Library.

Link web site  http://studentlibrary.ru

New book


Թամոյան Ս. Շրջակա միջավայրի պահպանություն և ագրոէկոլոգիա: Ուսումնական ձեռնարկ/ Ս.Թամոյան. -Եր.:ՀԱԱՀ, 2018.-150 էջ:

The manual is composed of the "Environmental Protection and "Agroecology" curriculum and is intended for the students of non-specialized departments of ANAU and Department of Distance Learning. 

It can also be useful for masters, post-graduate students and professionals working in the field.

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