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Five copies of the first volume of manual “Physical chemistry course” were devoted to the Agrarian universities library, written by N.M.Beyleryan. The manuals were devoted by the head of the General Chemistry chair Oleg A. Qamalyan.

The manual is the first textbook written in the native language. The tasks are placed in their solutions. The material is presented in a way, which satisfies the undergraduates, masters and PHD students.

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Electronic reading- rooms


In Armenia National Agrarian university general reading room and  in 425 auditorium (II building) there are electronic 

reading rooms. Students and teachers can use the Internet, scientific and educational information sources, databases.

Internet access is free.

Day of Book at ANAU


The 19th of February, the birthday of great Armenian poet Hovhannes Tumanyan, is celebrated as the book day. Every year scientific library of Armenia National Agrarian University organizes interesting events on this day.At the press hall of library exhibition of presendted books was organized.Armenian National Agrarian University library has been receiving books for several days from staff members and students.

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February 19, book donation day


February 19, the great Armenian poet Hovhannes Tumanyan's birthday is celebrated as a book donation day for a few years. ANAU library announce the book donation day on February 19. We suggest you to join this wonderful initiative and to enrich SAUA library fund through the book donation by your staff and students.Present donation of books to SAUA library (II Building, III Floor).

A Novel Devoted to Armenian Genocide


The presentation of a book by Armen Margaryan took place at ANAU Library. Vice rectors, deans of faculties, heads of chairs, as well as library staff and students were present.The presentation was opened by the director of IT and IP Center V. Melkonyan. He spoke about the importance of "Karapet" book especially in the period Armenian Genocide Centennial.

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