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New Book

The library fund was replenished with the 14th edition of Official Gazette of Selection Achievements (published in 2019) and the 12th edition of the State Register of Selection Achievements.



Day of librarian was celebrated not traditionally but with hope for victory


According to the decree of RA government October 7th has been celebrated as the day of Librarian since 2004. The sacrament of the day is the appreciation of the book, its great role in the formation of a healthy society. The beautiful event, which has already become traditional was not organized at ANAU. According to the head of ANAU Scientific Library Hasmik Adamyan this time the very professional holiday was celebrated in a different way due to the war situation and the coronavirus epidemic.

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Book presentation with the partners of Shushi Technological University


On 25th of September in the reading haul of Armenian National Agrarian University, presentation of the book “Vehicle safety” authored by A.P. Hovhannisyan and P.Yu. Gasparyan took place. ANAU Rector Vardan Urutyan, Rector of Shushi Technological University Hovhannes Tokmajyan, as well as lecturers of two universities attended at the event. Greeting the attendees Rector Urutyan mentioned that he was happy for the presentation of the book took place in the Agrarian University.

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ՔԱՄԱԱՅԱՆ 0. Ա. Ֆիզիկական և կոլոիդ քիմիա: 24 դասախոսություն/ 0. Ա.Քամալյան; ՀԱԱՀ.- Եր.: «Մեկնարկ» հրատ., 2020.- 264 էջ

The textbook presents the lectures that have been presented at ANAU in recent years. Given that the teaching of chemistry, particularly physical and colloidal chemistry, at Higher Education Institutions’ trained by agrarian specialists has certain peculiarities, the mainemphasis in the lectures is on the practical application of their possible interpretations of the theoretical foundations of the subject. 

ANAU Library thanks to Mr. Qamalyan for presenting the book to the library.

 Traditional Book Giving Day in the Agrarian University


On February 19, Hovhannes Tumanyan’s birthday, Armenia celebrates Book-Giving Day. Hovhannes Tumayan, writer, poet, literary, national and public figure, was born on February 19, 1869 in the village of Dsegh, Lori province.  Today is the 151st anniversary of the All-Armenian Poet. Every book, especially the good one, makes our world brighter, and Tumanyan with his brilliant works is the proof of that.

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