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Тарвердян А.Р. Применение теории вибрации в земледельческой механике / А. Тарвердян ; Ред.: А. Гукасян, Ц. Погосян. - Ереван: Гитутюн, 2014. - 388 с. : ил., табл., граф. ; 25 см. 

The book outlines the results of a study of certain provisions of the theory of vibration for the purpose of use in agricultural engineering.

The book is intended for engineers engaged in research,.It can be used enjoy and students, undergraduates, graduate students, teachers engineering departments of universities.

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Librarian Day in ANAU

images-stories-norutunner-IMG_1204-180x120Librarian Day is celebrated today in Armenia. It has been already 10 years since the 7th of October is celebrated as Librarian Day in Armenia according to the RA Government decision.

This holiday has been always very important one for our university and has been celebrated with great pleasure and willingness.On this special day librarians were visited by the vice rector Yu. Marmaryan, by the chairman of Trade Union V. Abrahamyan, by the dean of Foodstuff Technologies’ faculty A. Aghababyan, lecturers and students.

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New Replenishments in the Library

ANAU Scientific Library has a specific important role for students and future specialists. It is being replenished constantly with new and fresh literature. Recently our library was replenished with a book by Verzhine Svazyan. The book tells about tradegical events and details told be people who directly suffered from the Turkish atrocities.

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Event dedicated to Sharles  Aznavour

images-stories-norutunner-20140605_142344-180x135Within the Days of Francophonie the Chair of Foreign Languages organized an event dedicated to the greatest Armenian singer, actor, poet, composer Sharles Aznavour. It took place on the 5th of June at ANAU Library.

1st year students of Economics, Agronomy, Agribusiness and Marketing faculties, as well as the students of ANAU Agricultural College After A.Khochinyan took part in this interesting event.

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Open class will be held  in ANAU library  on June, 5th  at  14:00  pm.

Topic “Charles AZNAVOUR’s life and activities “.

Lecturer: N.Hambardzumyan

Department of Foreign Languages

ANAU Scientific library

Information Technology and Innovation Programme Centre

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