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Charents as an official; presented by Hamo Sukiasyan


Today, on April 20, Head of the Chair of Social Sciences, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor Hamo Sukiasyan revealed the unknown Charents to his colleagues and students. The topic "Unknown pages from Yeghishe Charents's public activity" was really unknown to the audience.


In fact, the speaker circulated official manuscript decrees, preserved in the National Archives and at the Charents’s Museum of Literature and Art, applications, which Charents signed or authored during his tenure as the head of the Art Department of the newly formed Soviet Armenia. 

Charents’s image as an official may not have been as huge, colorful and contradictory as that of the poet, citizen and man Charents, but Associate Professor Sukiasyan's report enriched the audience's perception of the great poet. For example, what is the value of only the document that contains Tumanyan's application and Charents’s refusing signature.

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 Hamo Sukiasyan presented the newly discovered documents and analyzed them in the context of the historical events and realities of the time, thus bringing Charents a little closer to us, regardless of the content of those documents. 

Associate Professor Sukiasyan, as always, has done a very valuable and grateful job. The word of gratitude of the colleagues, however, was not addressed only to him, but also to the head of the Scientific Library Hasmik Adamyan, whose ordinal beautiful initiative again served its purpose. By the way, in her initial speech Mrs. Adamyan read a charming poem dedicated to Charents and later it was revealed that the author of it was the head of the publishing-editorial department Greta Mnatsakanyan.