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We exist with Tumanyan 

Book giving day at ANAU


The beautiful tradition of book giving gathered readers of ANAU in the University Hall to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Hovhannes Tumanyan and to value the book's role. During the event, organized with ANAU Scientific Library and Students Council’s efforts, Tumanyan’s poems were performed. It was the proof that Tumanyan is always with us and inside us.

“We exist with Tumanyan, and without Tumanyan we does not exist”, - said the other genius from Lori, Hrant Matevosyan.

The head of scientific library, Hasmik Adamyan said a speech about the purpose and meaning of the day, she said that students should always be in touch with scientific library and read books always. 


Hrachya Tpnetsyan, vice-rector of Agrarian University, congratulated everyone on the occasion of the Day of anniversary of the All-Armenian poet and book giving, highlighted the importance of such events in terms of the book and literature that we inherited from our view of the inheritance of the new generation. Mr. Tspnetsyan donated professional literature to the ANAU Student Council on behalf of Rector Vardan Urutyan.

Then the book giving started. The bookkeepers present at the event presented valuable books to each other and the library, as well as received a gift from the ANAU library. And the scientific library of ANAU chose a book from 700 pieces of Armenian and foreign-language professional and fiction books.