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US Congress Library


The US Congress Library in Washington is the world's largest library. It was founded in 1800. The president, vice-president, members of the Senate and the House of Representatives (Congress) could use the library in their initial activities. That's why the Library was called Library of Congress.The Fund's preliminary fund had 740 books and three geographic maps representing America, purchased in London.


The next president, Thomas Jefferson, who was entitled to preside on March 4, 1801, began to seriously deal with the library fund, its role and significance. During his lifetime, the library fund has grown dramatically. The library has 33.5 million print publications, of which 14.5 million are books, 1,300,000 newspapers and millions of manuscripts, and 1,7 million readers visit the library every day. The world's largest library is divided into 18 reading rooms with 1460 seats. 

The Congress Library serves the US government, a variety of research funds, partial and industrial organizations, schools, and educational institutions. 

The Library of the Congress is a national property and a great cultural heritage, with more than 47,000 Armenian literature in the library, which is the historian Levon Avdoyan.