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The Book of Dedication


On February 19, 2008, the birthday of the Armenian poet Hovhannes Tumanyan, by the initiative of Levon Ananyan, the former president of the Union of Writers of Armenia and by the Government decision, is marked as a book in Armenia.

It is not accidental to link the book with Tumanyan's birthday. Many of us got acquainted with the book and have come close to Tumanyan fairy tales, child poems, immortal quartets, poems ...


On February 20, at 14:00, the ANAU Scientific Library will host an event  event dedicated to the book donation   and 

the International Mother Language Day, which is celebrated on February 21.   You can not only donate the library, , but also get a gift from your professional and fiction books.


_The book is a book devoted to the book, the love and worship that has been passed to us through the book of the 

eternal purpose of inheriting the new generation, on the day of the book dedication besides giving books, it also devotes to emotions and knowledge, the ability to communicate with literature and spiritual and cultural values, mind and spirit because the book, in the inner world, destroys the evil embryos, the sprouts of love in love, and sows love to the person and the friend, the parent and the homeland, the man and the beauty, the beloved and the perfect. The Book of Dedication is a diverse one. it reminds us that we should recognize the value of the book, read it and, if not too often, donate one book per day to our close ones.

Give each other books and keep the reader in the audience.