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Armenian (Հայերեն)Russian (CIS)English (United Kingdom)

Terms of use

Professors and teaching staff, researchers, graduate students, college students and undergraduates have the right to use ANAU library services. Students from other universities are entitled to use the services of the library in the prescribed manner by the Directorate. Library services are free.

To become a reader of   ANAU library you should provide a service department one 3x4 photo and ID card (passport). Students and employees are recorded on the basis of the order of admission. Other university representatives are entitled to use the library fund only providing relevant documents (passport).

Literature that is not in stock, the reader can book through interlibrary loan and only for studying in the reading room.

Fiction is issued for 30 days, textbooks are issued in terms of 1 or 2 semestеr. If necessary, you can review the terms.

Rare books, books in a single copy, thesis, abstracts are issued for employment in the reading room.

In case of loss of books, the reader is obliged to replace the book by another book in the profile or то copy the lost one.

Тhe reader should be careful with the books. It is forbidden to mention in the book, make notes, tear sheets. Тоrn book is not accepted and the reader is obliged to replace it with a copy. Receiving the book and the reader should verify the defects and inform the librarian.

At the end of each academic year, the student is obliged to hand over all the available books.

In the case of dismissal or expulsion from the University the reader is obliged to hand over all the the available literature. Bypass sheet is signed only after handing over books.