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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get a Reader Pass for ANAU Library? Students and ANAU staff members should introduce a copy of passport and 1 photo (3x4 sizes) in order to receive Reader Pass. 

How to find a necessary  book? You can search and find the necessary book in electronic catalog of ANAU, click here.


You can also search a necessary book by title or by theme, or you can find find in the alphabetical  catalog of library, where cards are arranged by authors. If the book has more than three authors, you need to search it by its titles. Literature can be searched by theme in the systematis catalog,  where the cards arranged by the science .

You can also find the necessary literature in the Armenian Consolidated Electronic Cataloge, click here .


How long you can keep the literature? Textbooks are provided for a period of one academic year, scientific literature for 10 days, and fiction literature for 30 days. Encyclopedias, rare, unpublished materials and such as books you can be used  only at reading-hall.

How can I have access to the literature which can’t be checked out? Rare literature-encyclopedias, dictionaries, and bulletins can be used only at  reading-hall.

Which books can be copied from and how many pages can be coped? copies.  Rare  examples of books can be copied, 10 page (paper is provided by the reader).