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ANAU Library and Devotees

Library Day is celebrated since 2004, September 7. Library is the place where the treasures of soul and mind are created by the geniuses of humanity, in this sense, the richest world is the world of librarian ... The ANAU Scientific Library reminds us of an ancient fortress, of books and knowledge, which, despite the remarkable age of 86, today continues to walk in line with the demands of time, maintaining a close connection with the younger generation.

The University Library is the only library in the Republic of Armenia's agrarian sector, so not only university professors and students use the library.anau.am electronic library of ANAU. The number of visitors to the electronic library is around 380900. ANAU Library is the first university library in Armenia that has been implementing the "Koha" Library Service Program since 2013 and is currently embarking on its rich experience in other libraries in the country. The oldest book of the 86-year-old library is 150 years old, dated 1859. Alongside him, new books, magazines, newspapers, codes and dissertations are "alive and growing" in their neat and well-organized places. Everyday care and maintenance of old books, acquisition of new books, systematization, cataloging and placement, readers' service, book fund replenishment and digitalization, creation of electronic books and catalogs ... At the first glance, a huge amount of work that is committed by 31 staff of the ASAU Scientific Library.

Work, which is more than actual today, as, unfortunately, with the development of information technology, the love of reading is diminishing, so today the work of the librarian is the most important, and the love of keeping the Armenian reader in the book and literature is the responsibility of directing the readers to the right direction in the cosmic world. The ANAU Library is one of the housewives holding the Armenian Book Council today, honoring the challenges it faces, maintaining not only the best traditions of the library system but also applying modern forms of library work and information technology, showing a creative approach to work. In this regard, the university library is not only a book fortress but also as a result of cooperation with many students, as well as a leisure center, a library, a dialogue between the reader and the author. Of course, this would not be true if the ANAU library staff was not the true devotees of their work, and the Librarian's Day is just an occasion to appreciate their tireless work and thank you.

Students, faculty and staff of ANAU congratulate the staff of the Scientific Library on the occasion of the professional holiday, Liberator's Day and wish them endless effort and enthusiasm and a lot of success in the noble and gratifying work. Dear librarians, be healthy and careless, and let your constant companions be hope, faith, love and dedication, your outstanding mission.